What I Do

Jerry Smith Services specializes in residential concrete foundation replacement. Extensive pest and dry rot repair. Exceptional service.

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We are closely associated with many other senior specialty
contractors in Western Oregon. This matters because we can save you time.

I have lifted structures with families with small children living in the homes while the retrofits are completed.

I have completely removed the attic portion of several homes to go up an entire floor! (Some with or without foundation replacements).

I have also lifted buildings for daylight basement construction. And, of course many retaining walls and old cellar replacements.

But I do a lot more….

I got into remodeling and repair of old places as a child working for my Dad in Vermont and my grandparents in Massachusetts. Then I built a few new places with other people who were skilled. I was lucky. Interior finish skills have followed me around wherever I go. I got into the foundation business because no one else was doing it.

And what I have learned is amazing. You must call and talk with me.

I build rain water catchment systems, cisterns, storm shelters, replace foundations beneath existing residential structures and also do a lot of engineered drainage work in conjunction with these projects. I have worked off grid all over the NW – and I have great relationships with most of the building officials in Western Oregon. I’m most familiar with the Salem, Marion County, Corvallis, Benton and Linn Counties, as well as Eugene, Corvallis, Junction City, Lebanon Roseburg, Grants Pass and on down to Medford. Yes, I’ve worked with all of these building departments over the years – and more.

A documented number from a reputable contractor – with zero turn-around time –
could save you $100K. Simple.

Our estimates are $250 each. For non-owners – $500 apiece. When we sign and execute the contract we deduct that fee from the last draw. Documented results 24 hrs.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Over the years I have lifted, repaired, retro-fitted and tricked out more victorians than I ever knew existed. Most of what I have done has been this type of work. Older homes. Houses built before 1900 – that don’t have wall studs! No one is left from the old days that can do the 3 stage lift without making it worse – except for myself.

Sometimes people call me after they tried to hire someone else to repair their home – only to find out after spending $100K that it will take twice that to fix all the mistakes. Mistakes that may take years to reveal themselves. Don’t be one of these people. Call me today.

What I Offer


I Bid Higher Than Anyone Else

And you will GET more from my efforts than you will from anyone else. You will get service. I guarantee that when we are done –  the project will be complete. No call backs. No anxiety.

I Handle Everything

I handle each aspect of the demo and the rebuild. plumbing, electrical, sewer, excavation, framing, concrete work (obviously) as well as all the necessary interior finishes.

Extensive Projects

Additions, second-story pop-ups, basement creations (lift, excavate and build a cellar under a home that had a crawlspace foundation before)

More About Jerry Smith

I have been continuously licensed since 1992. I have worked and lived here since 1981. I contracted without a license during those years.

Jerry Smith has never filed bankruptcy, filed a lien on anyone nor been hauled into court.

We have images of the work and many references attesting to said ability and care.

Who Recommends Jerry Smith Services

  • Local Structural Engineers 100%
  • Geotechnical Engineers 100%
  • Building Departments 100%

Jerry Smith Services is recommended....

Jerry Smith Services is recommended by nearly all of our local structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, building departments and other foundation repair outfits. Jerry Smith Services is called when it is clear that only the best will do.

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Salem, Albany, Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis, Portland, Scio, Silverton, Reedsport, Coos Bay, Lincoln City, Lakeside, Creswell, Cottage Grove, Lorane, Alma, Noti, Walton, Blodgett, Oakridge, Brownsville, Coburg, Cedar Flat, Blue River, Lacomb, Lebanon, Oakland, Sutherlin, Grants Pass, Wolf Creek, Veneta, Junction City, Bellfountain, Sweet Home, Blachly, Florence and other remote, out-of-state-locations.